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Adam Roberts - Yellow Blue Tibia - I enjoyed this. Reads like an outline for a Marx Brothers movie, or imagine Eric Frank Russell channelling A.E.Van Vogt. There is lots of slapstick action and the kind of dialogue that involves two people talking past each other for the amusement of the audience. Set in Russia with Stalin making an appearance, but actually I think Russia is scenery, and more-or-less irrelevant to a the book that is actually a satire on US science fiction of the "golden age". Or, as someone (Tony Cullen?) on the Not the Clarke Award Panel at Eastercon said, this was not science fiction because it was about science fiction, and I think that's just about right. I think it would be a pity if this won.

Gwyneth Jones - Spirit - I have bounced off this a third of the way through. I was enjoying it, but it needs immersive reading time I haven't had, and I have lost both the plot and the will to continue. I regret this.

Kim Stanley Robinson - Gallileo's Dream - I have bounced off this one too, a hundred pages in. Gallileo's hubris is about to reap nemesis, but I don't much care.

I came in late to the Not the Clarke Panel and missed almost all the discussion of the Wooding, but heard nothing to make me want to read it. I do want to read Mieville's The City and The City and Theroux's Far North. Maybe. Sometime.

Personally speaking, not a good year.


14th Apr, 2010 08:53 (UTC)
I've just finished The City And The City. The concept of two cities in the same place with the citizens of one having to consciously not see the citizens and buildings of the other (except when driving in order to avoid accidents but even then only to register them as obstacles not people) messes with your head a bit but the underlying murder story trundles along very nicely. Personally I'd be happy to see this get the Clarke.


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