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Some local things happening...

I'm getting quite well connected for things like this nowadays. I wonder do enough of my friends live locally (i.e. North East London) for this to be worth doing regularly? Let me know if you are interested and if enough people (i.e. more than one or two) are I'll set up a suitable filter.

Roding Valley Park Workshop

There is a group consultation going on locally about the future of the Roding Valley Park, which includes Wanstead Park and Claybury Woods alongside all the green spaces along the Roding down as far as the Thames. They are holding a workshop to discuss what people would like to see done in and around the park, and it is this evening.

That's the Roding Valley Park Worshop

Venue: Ilford Central Library (please ask for location at reception)
Time: 6pm to 8pm

If anyone would like more information, the email contact is Stephanie at Barker Langham - stephanie@barkerlangham.co.uk

Thames21 Deep Clean Low Tide Event

This is an opportunity to help clean up part of the Thames foreshore. There is a 25-year low tide next week, which offers an opportunity to get to bits of the river foreshore that normally can't be reached. A group is meeting at Barge House Road, which is just this end of the Woolwich foot tunnel and thus really quite local to us. The clean-up session is from 8:30-11am, and a friend and I plan to take our children to school as usual and then head off in the car about 8:40 - se we have three more seats available if anyone wants to join us. Thames21 provides wellies and gloves, but do wear old clothes!

More details and map here.




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24th Feb, 2010 17:16 (UTC)
Speaking as a user of Claybury Park for dog walking, and where I took the best shots of a heron I've got, I wish I'd known about this earlier...
24th Feb, 2010 17:28 (UTC)
I know. Their letter of 16th Feb arrived 19th Feb and gave less than one week's notice. Unfortunately I've been too busy to pass it on until today. I have commented to them about short notice for what it is worth, and if you email them I'm sure they'll put you on the list for further involvement.
24th Feb, 2010 18:19 (UTC)
Thanks! I wasn't blaming you. I'll send that e-mail.
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