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Sorbus 'Pink Pagoda'

I have just bought a tree for our front flower bed - Sorbus hupehensis 'Pink Pagoda'. Hardy, deciduous, pollution-tolerant. White blossom in spring, pink berries in autumn that cling on to bare branches into the winter. Should stay small enough for long enough to not bother the telephone wires running overhead. The berries falling on the path will be the drawback, but I think I can bear that for a couple of weeks every year.
The nursery will plant it for me later this month. It has company in the bed: a privet bush clipped into a ball, a small hebe, some lavender.
It is replacing a Laburnum that fell down suddenly one spring day last year - or was it the year before? No matter. It will be nice to have a tree again.
It's hard to buy a tree locally. Various garden centres have shrubs and small trees, but this one is coming from the only one with any real choices to offer: Conmaught Farm Nurseries in Buckhurst Hill. If they hadn't had something I could be happy with it would have had to be mail order, or bought so far away I'd have had to plant it myself.
The alternatives offered included Acers various - rejected as too tender and/or too expensive and/or too small; Amelianchor - spring blossom and read leaves in autumn but probably not going to be happy in a windy, street-side bed exposed to full sun; and a weeping purple birch (Betula purpurea), which would have been lovely, but my new next door neighbour is allergic to birch pollen, and it would be unkind to plant a birch upwind of her. I looked longingly at a beautiful Swamp Sequoia that was already far too large, and an equally beautiful ornamental lilac that was too tender and too small. If I ever win the million on the premium bonds I want a garden large enough to plant trees in...
But that's in my dreams. In my real life Sorbus 'Pink Pagoda' should do nicely. Wish it well.


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25th Oct, 2005 01:37 (UTC)
And very nice I'm sure it looks, too. Our new garden isn't large enough for trees, either, although I have planted a Cotinus Coggyara Purpurea because we had one in London and we liked it. Also a mock orange, but hopefully that will stay small. And a bottlebrush to replace the one that didn't survive the transplant from Thornton Heath. Whoops, where did the garden go?!
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