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How best to obtain DVDs

We don't want to spend significant money buying DVDs we will watch only once. Buying second-hand or charity shop is not working - we have just binned the third non-functioning used DVD in a row (slightly a coincidence but still three too many...) Buying new is getting cheaper but then we have to find shelf space.

So...which is the best DVD rental club? We'd like one where we can set up a list of films we'd like to see and watch two or three a month. Any recommendations?


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16th Aug, 2009 16:55 (UTC)
We used to use the Amazon service and it was perfectly fine. You set the list up online and when you've mail one back, they send the next one.
16th Aug, 2009 17:31 (UTC)
We used to use the Amazon service too, but they've now sold it to LoveFilm. We're still happy with price and service.

We rent 3/month at around 5.50/month.

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16th Aug, 2009 18:34 (UTC)
We're with them too. We get 4 films a month for £6.85, which is a bit reduced because we're ex-Amazon. You can keep films as long as you want, and we often don't get around to watching all our four, but at that price I'm not really bothered. You can't guarantee you'll get what you want, but if you have a lively list it doesn't really matter.

There are about 200 on my list at the moment, 8 high priority which means send them first please. They often list movies that are still at the cinema, so if you miss something you wanted to see you can reserve it and you'll get it without having to remember about it. Useful for my more lavender moments.

I've got a 30 days free trial if you want it - we get sent them all the time.
16th Aug, 2009 18:04 (UTC)
Lovefilm work well. They have heavy use packages I use, but also light use ones, which work out about £2 a rental. I've had perhaps 1% unpalayble disks, and their selection mechanism works well. I've forwarded an invite code to you, which might (eventually) get me a month's free rental.
16th Aug, 2009 18:14 (UTC)
I have found in the past that buying ex-rentals from Blockbuster is highly cost-effective, but more often now I buy from Amazon and sell on eBay. If you're getting lots of non-playable DVDs, check that it isn't your DVD being grubby.
16th Aug, 2009 18:49 (UTC)
We've been using Sofa Cimema for a while now and had no problems. A couple of times the discs got lost in the post but they were quick to resend when we reported the non arrival. £7.82 a month gets us 2 discs a time up to 4 films a month. You may have seen their ads in the paper since they're part of The Guardian.


Looking at the two discs we have at the moment, sofa cinema must be part of love film now as it has their logo on the discs even though the envelope is the same as we've always had.

Edited at 2009-08-16 19:53 (UTC)
17th Aug, 2009 07:24 (UTC)
I had several damaged discs from Love Film, so even rental isn't infallible (though they do send free replacements for any damaged ones). My main reason for disliking them is that they make it as difficult as possible to leave. If you cancel your subscription at any time, you lose all outstanding credits, so you can only afford to leave when you are at zero credits - however, you need to make sure that your auto top up hasn't kicked in before you reach zero...
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