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The marigold was in one of the pots outside the front door. I bought a tray to give the children who came to M's birthday party something a bit different in their party bags, and had planted out a couple of the left-overs in some spare space in a pot. On Monday morning this particular marigold was in flower as we left the house, brave and bright and beautiful. And when I came back it was gone. Just a dimple left in the soil where it had been carefully removed by someone more-or-less human. Bastard! It's as-yet-still-in-bud sister is still there.

On Monday evening we picked dozens of mirabelle plums (B from the climbing frame, me up the stepladder, M collecting into the big container). When I say picked, most of them were so ripe they just fell into our hands. We lifted a kilo or so of potatoes - Lady Christl and Pentland Javelin, I think, neither of which varieties have flourished. (I hope to do better with the other varieties in due course, as all their plants appear to have grown much better.) M also picked and B ate one solitary raspberry from the nominally autumn fruiting Polka canes, which are flourishing in their first summer.

At the weekend I made 2lb of plum chutney from the underripe thinnings - a personal first.

Today I have planted broccoli where the potatoes used to be.

Meanwhile they are relaying the gas mains along our road. Sometimes the house shakes. It is unnerving to be sitting on the second floor (third for my US readers) in a shaking house.


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1st Jul, 2009 11:37 (UTC)
I like my marigolds (ten or so under a street tree), but if someone were to steal one of my marigolds, I'd rather they take the whole plant than just snip a flower or two, as I've had happen with daffodils. (I haven't got any of those right now.) At least then I could think of someone having a plant in the soil near their home, not of the flower dying in a little while.

But I'm planting flowers on what is not technically my land, right along the street, so I know the risks.
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