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The infinite perversity of things....

The 11-year-old washing machine is now working again, at Hotpoint's expense, having been fitted with new drum, motor, heater, bearings, control card - in fact everything is new except the casing and the door seal, which last is made of surgical rubber which should (I am informed) last longer from now than the new tyre rubber ones which only last a year in hard water areas. I think, on balance, I can recommend Indesit/Hotpoint - it may have taken them four or even five visits to get from fault to completed repair, but their communication and reliability have been excellent and it's all at their own cost!

On the other hand I have just had to dismantle the kitchen door handle to get back out to the lean-to so that I can actually do some of the piled up laundry.


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3rd Jun, 2009 16:53 (UTC)
I've had a Hotpoint washing machine three years - in that time I've needed a replacement machine and three service calls to deal with problems with the replacement so far - two repeats of the same problem, then a different one, all involving parts replacement. This does NOT inspire much confidence.
3rd Jun, 2009 16:56 (UTC)
How did you persuade Hotpoint to pay for the servicing of an 11 year old machine?

3rd Jun, 2009 17:11 (UTC)
Rereading I can see I have slightly misled. When it broke down in March we rang them up and asked them was it worth repairing and they said yes - not much can go wrong with a washing machine and it's reasonably energy efficient even by modern standards. So we paid £125 for guaranteed repair, and they would have credited £75 against the cost of a replacement machine if it couldn't be repaired. They fixed it, it ran fine for over a month, then broke down again. So now they have fitted over £300 worth of new replacement parts, and carried the cost of all the subsequent visits. Which should be quite a good deal for us.
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