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Time for a new phone

Advice please.

I carry a Blackberry Pearl on a (very) cheap T-mobile Web 'n Walk contract. I mostly like it, but it's 2 years old and growing unreliable. Time for a new phone.

Things I like and use:
- clicky keys, qwerty keyboard
- push email
- texting and email in the same in/out box
- usable calendar and address book
- cut and paste between applications
- Google Maps

Things I don't like:
- it cuts to voicemail after only 2 rings and I mostly don't get to take the call - would like to set the number of rings
- small screen is useless for many websites - I'd like a larger screen
- slow web browsing
- haven't been able to get sync to Google Calendar to work

Things I would like it doesn't do:
- default access to attachments
- link contacts to calendar items (don't think I've ever seen this offered anywhere but I can dream)
- search calendar
- colour code calendar items
- FM radio

I've looked at:
- Nokia but they have alphabetic keyboards
- iPhone and Samsung touch phones but don't like not having keyboard
- Blackberry Curve and Bold - prefer Curve but screen is still small
- Blackberry Storm - quite liked the haptic screen and is best I've seen so far, but bad reviews make me hesitate

Any suggestions for anything I haven't considered?

My budget is max £150 up front and £35 per month contract, and would prefer less if I can get it.


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18th Mar, 2009 06:05 (UTC)
I think you want the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1. Large screen, slide-out QWERTY keyboard, FM radio, GPS. I don't know how the usability is, but it runs Windows Mobile, which doesn't bode well. You can get it on O2 for £100 and a £35 per month contract which includes unlimited web browsing.
18th Mar, 2009 10:25 (UTC)
Thanks. I've taken a look at this and it certainly looks possible. Both Orange and O2 do apparently suitable price plans and I'll go play at my next opportunity.
19th Mar, 2009 00:45 (UTC)
No, it's a terrible phone with an awful user experience.
18th Mar, 2009 07:45 (UTC)
I don't find the iPhone keyboard terribly hard -- but I confess I don't do my work email on my iPhone, where BB keyboard wins the day and I don't even try to browse the web. I've written quite long emails on the iPhone without difficulty. And the usability rocks for everything else.
19th Mar, 2009 00:45 (UTC)
I've got to agree here - I switched to an iPhone from a Pearl.
18th Mar, 2009 12:30 (UTC)
Nokia but they have alphabetic keyboards
????? what???

Damn, my E71 must be broken then, as is my managers E90 ... both qwerty keyboards ... I'll get them sent back and replaced immediately!

(Either of those might be worth looking at, and there are others as well ... I used a SonyEricsson P990i before that and it too does a lot of what you want)
18th Mar, 2009 19:18 (UTC)
I like my G1 google/android phone from T-Mobile, nothing down and less than £40 per month. Not sure about the radio, though, I've not tried it for that.
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