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I hate Powerpoint!

That's all.


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11th Feb, 2009 21:55 (UTC)
11th Feb, 2009 23:05 (UTC)
I share your pain.
11th Feb, 2009 23:26 (UTC)
So say we all!
12th Feb, 2009 05:10 (UTC)
Wow. I just went and read the Tufte text & discussion for like an hour. All the way down to the suggestion that a speaker who just gives up on the bullet points and starts putting up slides of his family gets a lot more attention and positive response from the audience! so I have learned several things today. Thanks!
12th Feb, 2009 06:06 (UTC)
There was a really great article about presentations that I read a couple of years ago. I wasn't able to track it down just now. The gist of it is that the slides, what you say, and any printed content you hand out are three completely different things that people interact with in different ways. The purpose of the slides is to provide images that emotionally reinforce what you are saying. Creating an effective presentation is more like filmmaking than speaking. This is where Tufte and Byrne are in agreement, although Tufte might not admit it.
12th Feb, 2009 19:40 (UTC)
I liked the Byrne reference, from an entirely different angle: recognition that it's a new medium, and using it artfully is still a long way off.

My contact with Powerpoint has been pretty negative: the text slides I've seen produced from those templates are slicker, less engaging versions of the transparencies we used to use -- neater is all; and every time I've seen it used for slide shows, the amount of faffing around with the system that didn't work at best gave someone time to run over to their classroom and bring their actual slide show to the auditorium so the assembled audience would not be entirely at a loss for the evening program. Buried in Tufte is the suggestion that PowerPoint is probably okay for liberal arts presentations, however bad it is for engineering documentation. But I have a slide projector, and know how to use it... With two slide projectors, much excitement is possible! I took a botany class from a fellow who used three at a time for his slide lectures. What we used to call mixed media. Hah! And then we dance!

Apparently you still have to think about what you're presenting. Garbage in, garbage out.
14th Feb, 2009 23:00 (UTC)
Gee, I hope you don't mind if I put these links over in my LJ. Like blogging, yeah, I begin to catch on...
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