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Let it snow...

On Sunday afternoon we took some kids and their bicycles to the Hog Hill Cycle track, which covers the south-west facing side of a hill to the north-east of London. Our day was cold and windy, but bright and sunny, and while the kids wheeled round and round the adults had full benefit of the spectacular views over London and the Thames Estuary. The eastern sky was clear, but when we looked westward we saw the blizzard over the City of London: it looked like a mushroom cloud, with snow funnelling down from a lid of black clouds. We watched for a few moments, then went into the cafe for hot drinks, and when we came out the sky to the west was clear. But now when we looked east we looked into a fog of snow rolling up the hill towards us. The wind blew stronger, snow skated in flurries across the tarmac, and pigeons flew up from a stand of nearby trees. As we stood there on the hilltop the blizzard tumbled over us, blowing snowflakes into open mouths and crusting woolly hats. The sun dimmed, the views around us vanished. In a matter of moments the grass was white with a covering of snow. We stood there, amazed and exhiliarated while the storm rolled over the hill and away and the sky brightened again from the east.

And half an hour later it did it all again.

An amazing day!


Caroline M

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