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I have written to my MP

Dear Mike Gapes,

I note that the Government is reported as having approved the expansion of Heathrow by building a third runway.

In common with almost everybody who is not a member of the Labour Government I am opposed to this development on the grounds of increased air and noise pollution, increase in aviation-based carbon emissions, and breach of previous government undertakings not to expand Heathrow. At some point the human race has to start behaving sensibly with regard to the limits of the planet's capacity to support us. Not expanding Heathrow would be a good place to start.

I have voted for Labour MPs and local councillors all my adult life. In the forthcoming local council by-election in Valentine's Ward on 29th January I shall vote for the Liberal Democrat candidate in protest against this approval.

I hope that you will work within the Labour Party and the House of Commons to oppose this development, so that I can in conscience vote for you at the next General Election.

Yours sincerely,

Caroline Mullan


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16th Jan, 2009 15:53 (UTC)
I hope that you will work within the Labour Party and the House of Commons to oppose this development

He almost certainly won't. Only Labour MPs who are likely to lose their seats at the next election (such as Ben Bradshaw in Exeter, and the Dorset chap whose name temporarily escapes me, because of their low majorities) and thus have nothing to lose with the party whips will oppose this idiotic decision. The rest will do as they're told because they're hoping for a ministerial post some day. (The spineless shits.)
16th Jan, 2009 16:45 (UTC)
He isn't a spineless shit - he's a hard-working politician working in a system built by politicians who doesn't know what people care about unless they tell him. Of course he won't do anything - not enough of his constituents have complained. But every complaint is another grain of rice in the scale, until eventually he can tell the whips that his seat is at risk. If enough people do it to enough MPs then government policy eventually shifts. If not, not. But at least he can't complain I didn't tell him what I thought.
16th Jan, 2009 17:20 (UTC)
If enough people do it to enough MPs then government policy eventually shifts.

But people have been demonstrating and writing about the Heathrow expansion proposals for years, and it has made not the slightest difference. (A million people marched against the 2003 invasion of Iraq, and it made not the slightest difference.) Certain individual MPs may be capable and likeable but, as far as this government is concerned, people are clearly objects to be ignored
16th Jan, 2009 23:40 (UTC)
Not that Brown intends to take even that chance, claiming it's too much in the national interest for there to be a Commons vote. Apparently, the Cabinet is more representative of the British people than the MPs those same people vote for.
16th Jan, 2009 23:44 (UTC)
Excellent letter. Just wish I could rid myself of the suspicion that the current administration knows its future is grim and brief, and that sucking up to big business might result in a few company directorships / consultancies to help in the wilderness years.
17th Jan, 2009 01:31 (UTC)
Y'know I'm a bit tired of this debate. why can't we have mnore international flights from regional airports? then they wouldn't have to keep building extra terminals at HRW..
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