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Books - Reading and shelving

Have been unpacking and culling books from the boxes that never got unpacked when we moved in 1997. So far: five boxes retained for further consideration, nine to the Oxfam bookshop, and two (SF and fantasy in good condition) to Porcupine Books. That's over a thousand books gone, about 75 shelf-feet I don't need. And I need to cull the same again before I can fit the remainder onto my 250 feet of bookshelf. Way to go!

Then I read John Varley's Red Thunder. Alcoholic ex-astronaut and four Heinleinian competent all-American kids from broken homes get to go to Mars in a private-enterprise spaceship powered by a perpetual motion machine. The Chinese get there second, and the NASA astronauts get rescued by Our Heroes when their drive fails disastrously half way there. The narrator ends up as a hotel manager on Mars - how very twenty-first century! I enjoyed it.

Then I thought about it, and made a decision. After nearly twenty years of shelving every book read, I'm going back to triage. Categories are: 'outbox', 'pending cull', and 'shelf'. 'Pending cull' means it might or might not get to stay around long term, depending how I feel when I cull.

Yes, I know I should only read stuff good enough for 'shelf' but hey, I don't have a tv to turn off my brain for.

Red Thunder went in the outbox.

Howard L Myers The Creatures of Man, ed. by Eric Flint. Eric Flint collected Myers' works from his entire career of four years (1967-1971), and Baen published it. I had never heard of him. I'm glad they did, because I would have enjoyed them at the time and found them worth reading now. (Think Sheckley or Heinlein short stories.) I'm _not_ sure I will ever reread them, and they're in a large-format paperback, which I hold against it. It gets to stay around 'pending cull'. I'm sorry that I don't rate its long-term chances of a shelf, but hey, who said book collecting was fair?

Lois McMaster Bujold Paladin of Souls. Middle-aged woman protagonist - I _like_ it. Enjoying it so far.


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25th Jul, 2004 12:03 (UTC)
Yes, I know I should only read stuff good enough for 'shelf' but hey, I don't have a tv to turn off my brain for.

You've got the better deal, although I keep the tv in the hopes of shows I'll actually like. (I won't list them here, since you're not watching anyway - let's just say, tv remains true to Sturgeon's Law, and then some!)

Crazy(good to see you, happy book culling!)Soph
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