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I may be getting an interview with a very small company - <20 people. Has anyone any views on pros and cons of working for a company that size in the UK? Questions to ask myself and them? Any other useful


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11th Dec, 2008 09:47 (UTC)
The main pro is that you get to do lots of things that aren't technically part of your job. That's also the main con. Apart from that, ask yourself if the company is going to grow. If so, then it's a good opportunity to get in on the ground floor, but you need to know where the funding for the growth is going to come from.

(My own employer went from 30 people to 300 between 2001 when I joined and 2007, but has now dropped back to 250.)
11th Dec, 2008 10:09 (UTC)
There are only 3 people in my business including me . Before that I worked for an organisation with 2,000 employees. It can be a big culture shock .

In my old job, you were encouraged to stick very narrowly to your role . In my current role, I have to muck in a lot more. I may still do high level advisory work but I also wash up the dirty crockery at the end of the day .

Roger went the opposite way. He joined Datastream as a graduate trainee and every Friday the entire company went to the pub for lunch. Now the company is owned by a multi-national and the London office party alone filled Battersea Power Station. Most of the people in his business team are based in different continents and he's never met them in the flesh.

The key thing is to find out as much as you can about the boss because they'll usually set the tone for the entire company. Google and companies house direct are your friend.

12th Dec, 2008 10:16 (UTC)
I've enjoyed working for a small company but it really does depend on the personality of your boss and colleagues.

I also agree with the points above about getting a broader role.
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