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Revisiting titles earlier skimmed.

Code Blue - Emergency: Sommaradvan Cha-Thrat is rewarded for meritorious action by being offered a Hospital Station trainee-ship. Which she gets wrong. She proceeds to experience a series of accidents as she get everything wrong for the right reasons, until everyone achieves a better understanding of each other, and she finally earns a new opportunity. I enjoyed this from the beginning to the end - the book sticks to Cha-Thrat's pleasingly blunt viewpoint, and the book has a lightness of touch that White does not always achieve.

The Genocidal Healer: The Tarlan Surgeon-Captain Lioren wrestles with his guilt and responsibility for genocide by exploring a range of ethical and spiritual dilemmas thrown up by the evolutionary history and personal circumstances of a variety of individuals of several different species. Starts off rather clumsily as White explains the background, improves as Lioren gets to grips with the problems of his new friends, and then trails off slightly as White earnestly explicates some rather naive theology on his way to the happy ending. Probably ought to be considered for reading lists for religious sf - I don't recall seeing its ultimate argument made elsewhere. (There is also a brief mention of a character called Carmody - a reference to Phil Farmer's Night of Light maybe?)

Glad that my skimming did not miss anything essential to the books. Also nice to properly meet Khone the Gogleskan, and Hellishomer the Groalterri Cutter.

Beginning to think that the Hospital Station books would make a very good basis for a tv soap series. Someone should pitch it to Netflix.

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