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SWA Art Show, The Mall Galleries, London

My friend Jackie Duckworth has a picture in the SWA art show - a notable achievement! So Brian and I went along to have a nice evening out and to give her moral support. Promise of canapes had nothing to do with it, honest Gov, coff coff.

So off we went for an evening in London like the ones we used to have when we were young. We took train and tube to Westminster, and walked along Horse Guards parade enjoying the summer evening (the Queen has beautiful gardens: https://www.flickr.com/gp/57536449@N07/592f7A) to get to the Mall. Canapes consisted of olives, crisps and cashew nuts, but there was wine and fizz. And Jackie and Tim being quite rightly pleased and proud. And another friend, with whom we completed the evening by walking up to Chinatown afterwards for very nice dim sum. There was also a charity auction for Breast Cancer Now, but with a bad auctioneer, which was an awful shame for the charity and for the artists who had donated work because I think it could have raised much more money than it did. I considered but refrained from taking photos, which is bad manners in art galleries, but noticed several other people doing so while most of us were distracted by the auction.

There was some stunning stuff on display, not just by Jackie. Some of the works are shown on the SWA website (http://www.society-women-artists.org.uk/annual-exhibition/swa-members-galleries/2016-members-gallery.html), but not everything from the exhibition is there. I particularly liked Raquel Alvarez Sardina's quinces (there were three - the on-line gallery shows one), Soraya French's The Rehearsal, and a bronze of a hawk by an artist whose name I can't remember. Brian liked Patricia Clements Still Life With Tablecloth.

And I was particularly and personally pleased by the work of Cathy Read, who has been wandering round the City and seeing some of the same things I see, and painting some of them. She had three paintings in the show, but the one that caught my attention is shown on her website. Do go take a look - you'll see what I mean. http://cathyreadart.com/

And do go and see Jackie's hawk if you can. The exhibition is on until September 8th August (thanks John), I think (though the SWA website is disorganised and doesn't seem to give the exact dates).


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27th Jul, 2016 12:21 (UTC)
7th of August. I visit the Mall Galleries regularly, and really enjoy the range of conventional art they put on. http://www.mallgalleries.org.uk/whats-on/exhibitions/society-women-artists-summer-exhibition
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