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Future of Eastercon - after Mancunicon

Tl/dr: We're working on it. Nothing very concrete to say at this point.

We're taking responsibility for the existing Eastercon.org website - we're getting quotes for hosting and hope to be able to move on that within a few weeks.

We're working to set up a group to discuss what a central organisation to support Eastercons might look like, and report back at Eastercon 2017. Note there is NO presumption that one is necessary or desirable, and the group will be doing research, not making decisions. We'll let you know more as soon as we have more details.

We know that it's important that Eastercons are welcoming to new people. Lots of people are discussing that in a number of forums, and we have passed on your particular comments to the current seated Eastercon Committees to help them in their discussions. However, we have decided not to discuss this topic within this group for the time being, and I won't be saying anything more about that in these updates. In due course we hope that the Eastercon.org website will become a useful resource for this aspect of the future of eastercons.

We're working on putting up the material from Mancunicon on the Eastercon Options website (http://www.eastercon.wordpress.com) and on Eastercon.org (www.eastercon.org). It will happen, but this is turning out to be more work than we thought it would be, and we're getting help with doing some of it.


68th Eastercon 2017 - Innominate - website: http://eastercon2017.uk/

69th Eastercon 2018 - Follycon - website: https://www.follycon.org.uk/

People reading this may also be interested in Conrunner, the convention for people who run UK conventions, in Nottingham next February:

Please do get in touch if you would like to help with any of this. We will be looking for more volunteers shortly.



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22nd May, 2016 16:17 (UTC)
Encouraging news for you - my boss said he has always wanted to go to a convention but didn't know how to find out about them, so I have just sent him the 2017 website details.
22nd May, 2016 20:05 (UTC)
Good. Glad to have been of use.
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