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Nnedi Okorafor - Binti (2015)

This turned up on the Nebula shortlist and quite possibly not coincidentally on offer from Amazon for the ebook. So I bought it.

I read and enjoyed Akata Witch in 2011, and described it to someone a few weeks ago, from memory, as 'Diana Wynne Jones in Nigeria'. I don't know if that is what I would find if I reread it - I don't seem to have reviewed it at the time.

I enjoyed Binti too. It seems very short, and that's partly because it is, but also partly because it is beautifully paced, and the universe is nicely drawn, and the ending arrived all too soon. It is a young adult novel, with a young adult protagonist, and I'm a grownup (I think) so some of the story seems quite simple, but that is down to me as a reader. I would read a sequel.

It does strike me as being good, old-fashioned sf. Like A Long Way to a Small Angry Planet, it reminds me of Norton, and Heinlein juveniles, and some reason a particular YA novel I read years ago that I now can't trace, though memory says it was by Lester del Rey, where a group of teenagers have to make a decision about how to set the tone of the future relationship with an alien race. Maybe there is something in the water these days, but I don't think today's young adults are short changed for sf that deals interestingly with the moral dilemmas involved in relations with aliens.

I'll leave the metaphorical analysis of that for another day.


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8th Mar, 2016 19:13 (UTC)
I thoroughly enjoyed Binti. Akata Witch sounded great - I have put it on my wish list.
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