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Picocon was great fun and there was much discussion - people do care deeply about fandom, and about Eastercons. I had several conversations, long and short. One with someone who is deeply worried about internet trolling spilling over into our living fannish communities. One with one of our volunteer group about managing volunteers and different expectations in different fannish groups. And several shorter ones about different aspects of dealers rooms and exhibits. (The people involved may well be reading this, but they will not necessarily recognise their conversations in this summary - that's what thinking about Eastercons in detail does for you.)

Meanwhile, back in our currently-active group, and bearing in mind we'll have something like 45-60 minutes for formal discussion at Mancunicon, so we won't be going into much detail...

We've decided that as a group we're willing to take on the job of managing the hosting for the existing Eastercon website, and are going to take that to Mancunicon to see if that's something people are happy for us to do.

We're looking in detail at the statistics from the survey, and deciding what to bring to Mancunicon about that. (We will put them all up on the website too, but not until after we have the feedback from Mancunicon.)

We've sorted out how we want to present options for going forward from Mancunicon, and we'll be working on the details over the next few weeks.

We haven't forgotten about the other things we need to discuss, but those were this week's priorities.

Mancunicon is just five weeks away. The two-hour session on Sunday morning called "Future of Eastercon: Bidding Session and Discussion" will include a report from Pasgon, a bidding session for the 2018 Eastercon, a short break, and then a discussion about what to do next.

More about this whole exercise, the Questionnaire (still open for one more week for narrative comments) and contact email address are on http://www.eastercon.wordpress.com.

More next week.


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21st Feb, 2016 22:36 (UTC)
I never know how to respond to things like this. But it occurs to me that the ethics of conrunning are always worth discussing.
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