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Another week with nothing much to report, and even less to say than last time. If you are wondering why I'm bothering to post, it's because every Eastercon runner knows, you hit periods when your volunteers are all busy, and you work round them. The problem is not people doing nothing, it's other people not knowing you are doing nothing.

Thanks for suggestions about collaboration software - we're looking at the suggestions, though we haven't got as far as a decision yet.

Mancunicon is even closer now. So I'm just going to repeat what I said last time I posted: There will be a two-hour session on Sunday morning called "Future of Eastercon: Bidding Session and Discussion" which will do what it says in the name: there will be a report from Pasgon, a bidding session for the 2018 Eastercon, a short break, and then a discussion. We'll have fliers, statistics and some plans for what to do next and how to do it. That does not mean that anyone has decided to do anything - we think that plans are the things you write down to discuss before deciding to do something else. Still hoping for more on that over the next few weeks.

We've taken the 265 responses we got by the end of January to look at the statistics. But the Questionnaire is still open, and we will look at any extra comments for Mancunicon. Questionnaire and contact email address are on http://www.eastercon.wordpress.com.

Some of us will be at Picocon if any one wants to seek us out there for a chat. But there might not be an update next week because of what that does to our weekend. See you soon.


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14th Feb, 2016 13:21 (UTC)
Thanks for keeping this visible, and look forward to seeing you at Mancunicon.
14th Feb, 2016 19:15 (UTC)
Yes, looking forward to it!
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