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Future of Eastercon - quick update

This seems to be the week where life gets in the way of fannish volunteering, so nothing much to report, but a bit to say anyway.

Mancunicon is coming up quite quickly now. There will be a two-hour session on Sunday morning called "Future of Eastercon: Bidding Session and Discussion" which will do what it says in the name: there will be a report from Pasgon, a bidding session for the 2018 Eastercon, a short break, and then a discussion. We'll have fliers, statistics and some plans for what to do next and how to do it. That does not mean that anyone has decided to do anything - we think that plans are the things you write down to discuss before deciding to do something else. More on that over the next few weeks, perhaps.

Meanwhile, we've been talking about how to work with a wider pool of volunteers, and it looks as if Slack would serve, but we can't afford the paid account we would need. Anyone got any ideas for free or cheap chat software to meet the following requirements: (1) Whole group discussion for n people where n = about 25. (2) Sub-group discussion for groups of 2 to n-1 people, which we can choose to be private to the sub-group or open to the wider group. (3) Attach docs, links, videos etc. (4 ) Run multiple concurrent discussions. (5) Free or cheap, say <£100 a year.

The Questionnaire got an extra 3 responses last week, so the number for the statistics for Mancunicon is 265, and we'll only rework the statistics if we get more than 12 (or about 5%) additional responses in February. It's still open and we will look at any extra comments for Mancunicon.

Questionnaire and contact email address are on http://www.eastercon.wordpress.com. Drop us a line.

Some of us will be at Picocon if any one wants to seek us out there for a chat, but those of us who had hoped to get to the Filkcon Con2bil8 won't make it, alas. Hope everyone enjoys themselves at both.

For those of you keeping up on line, see you next week.


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31st Jan, 2016 11:46 (UTC)
Group discussions
Take a look at Discord for group discussions, you can setup a server and have secure rooms within our. Aimed at gamers but should suit you for this. Currently free
31st Jan, 2016 14:54 (UTC)
Re: Group discussions
Thanks Anonymous. We'll check that out.

31st Jan, 2016 15:53 (UTC)
I think Slack will do all those things? I haven't tried much attaching of documents, and there is a limit on message buffer scrollback so you might not be able to read all of extremely long conversations forever, but otherwise I think it does everything.
31st Jan, 2016 16:30 (UTC)
It does. But if you are not paying, you are limited to conversations that are either everybody, or 2-person. And we actively want conversations for 3-5 within the larger group, and (less importantly) it might be useful if we could show a sub-group exists while keeping people not in it from actually reading the conversation.

Or you can pay to open it up but it's too expensive.
31st Jan, 2016 16:51 (UTC)
I have only used the JOF slack, but it definitely has channels with varying numbers of people in them and it's a free one. Not sure about private channels as I am not in any and AFAIK you can't see other people's private channels. Sounds like Discord is a possible alternative but I think Slack might still be worth trying.
31st Jan, 2016 17:48 (UTC)
Thanks. I'll pass your feedback over to Steve who is doing the "meets requirements" bit for this.
3rd Feb, 2016 20:11 (UTC)
I use Yahoo groups, a lot. Excellent for multiple people discussion and keeping threads clean and clear. Great for uploading documents. You can choose to access only via web, each message by email, or a daily digest.


Doesn't, as far as I know, allow different discussions to open up or be closed down to different group. But I just run several groups for this, and the ones who might be needed to speak but rarely take part are on web access only and I 'special notice' them in as required.
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