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Degrees of Sciencefiction degree

Jonathan Chase, profiled in The Guardian Graduate section on Saturday has a degree in Science and Science Fiction from the University of Glamorgan.


I think that's the first time I've ever seen a mention of someone with a science-fiction-related degree.


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6th Oct, 2008 14:05 (UTC)
Argh! The font, it burns our eyes!

Or. Fonts are often used to set the tone of a piece. I will grudgingly admit that Comic Sans MS may have a place where it can be used. But it is used in the wrong place far to often. I'm sure you didn't mean this to be read in a jokey kids comics type of voice.

I think it's quite rare to list anyone's degrees at all, so I'm not surprised this was in the

I can't find the link, but I'm sure when Dave Gorman got an honorary degree he was told he couldn't go around calling himself Dr. Gorman.

Not strictly relevant, but I'm in a spiralling around the answer sort of mood ;)
6th Oct, 2008 19:11 (UTC)
I have been using Comic Sans as my preferred email font for years - it never occurred to me it was jokey. To me it is clear to read and has a character I like. I have no idea how my LJ post acquired it - I didn't realise I was overriding the default font.
6th Oct, 2008 21:25 (UTC)
Probably you copied something from an email into the rich editor window, which copied the formatting with it.

Typography is one of the areas of interest that I've looked into very briefly, but over several years.

Essentially fonts do convey a character. To take an extreme example: Society for Creative Anachronism use a calligraphic font to give at an old skool flava.

Whereas anything written in the Space 1999 font would make me think of the future (as seen from the '60s).

I recommend the documentary Helvetica, for a great example of the "people who talk passionately about something are inherently interesting" phenomena, if for no other. Oh and the poster is fabulous.
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