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Things on my mind today

Well, that is a jobhunting boat sent burning across the bay. Let's see how far it gets before it sinks. [Edit: That was quick: Email to person A at 13:08 got me a reply phone call from person B at 15:47. Appointment on Monday.]

I've deleted Candy Crush from Facebook. I've started playing Scrubby Dubby Saga, which is very similar without so obviously cheating. It won't last long though.

The Future of Eastercon Questionnaire is out at beta-test prior to publication next week. Meanwhile I am reading a book on designing web interfaces and realise we have broken some of the prime rules already. On consideration of beta test respones, though, I think that we are aiming the questionnaire at a constituency that can cope with reading a few sentences here and there, even on the web. If there is a next time it can be different.

I stripped the last few tomatoes and pulled up the Tumbling Tom from its pot on the patio. Sungold and Gardeners Delight at the end of the garden are still ripening, though most of them are splitting. There are two or three courgettes coming, and I'm still picking raspberries every couple of days. Plenty of flowers: pelargoniums and fuschias are still going strong, and there are new flushes on the kerria and potentilla. Indoors, there are new buds on Robin Hobb's orchid, too.

The Ada Lovelace documentary was very pretty and I'm glad I watched it. But they could have compressed all that was interesting into half the time, or used the time to be more interesting. Also: A friend who watched it was left with the impression that a Jacqard Loom is a computer, which is, er, not quite right. I tried to explain the difference, and I think I got the point across, but I'm not sure my explanation got it quite right either. Getting this stuff clear in your own head and distilled into three or four sentences for someone who doesn't understand it already is hard. Hmm. I wonder if I can do it in writing. [Wanders off to a notepad, muttering to self.]


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24th Sep, 2015 21:39 (UTC)
"jobhunting boat sent burning across the bay."

I assumed that was meant to be a viking funeral ship!
25th Sep, 2015 14:47 (UTC)
Mixing my metaphors. I approached a contact who represented was one of my very best options, and that as one of the first things I actually did. If it hadn't got me anywhere it would certainly have burned a boat. Fortunately, it has got me two further contacts, which means it was worth it.
25th Sep, 2015 09:25 (UTC)
Good luck with the boat!
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