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Things on my mind today

I think it's a privilege and a responsibility to own a garden. There's another one round the corner going under concrete because someone else doesn't think so.

Finally we arrive in the 21st Century. The TiVo box will record Orphan Black Series 3 for us this weekend.

The more money we have the more of it we can waste doing the wrong thing. The less money we have the less power to do the right thing.

After all these years I still can't stop procrastinating.

It is still hard to let go of my mistakes, even when I made them decades ago.


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24th Sep, 2015 00:24 (UTC)
Covering a garden in concrete? That's pretty extreme. There are easier and cheaper ways not to have a garden, geez. Here, people are especially aware of drainage issues, sometimes even planting rain gardens to retain water. More urban areas, not so much.

Yay Orphan Black and DVRs. Two good things about the century thus far.

Procrastinating and pondering mistakes may well be brain chemistry. Near as I can figure, anyway, having done personal experiments in this area.
24th Sep, 2015 14:30 (UTC)
The knowledge of the issues is coming closer with each passing year, but people busy with jobs and families in which every adult has a paid job don't have much time for understanding environmental issues, and this is a dormitory town for London, not somewhere people think of themselves as living.
24th Sep, 2015 12:14 (UTC)
Gardens are hard work. Especially 'traditional' gardens like the various ones my parents had over the years, complete with the never-ending task of lawns to mow, shrubs to prune and weeds to haul out. In curmudgeonly moments I ponder on the fact that as a kid I was practically forced at gunpoint to assist in all these tasks, but the moment that my parents reached the age where it was too much like hard work for THEM the lawn was turned into a patio, the shrubs were ripped out, etc etc.

I'd like to win the lottery and buy a home with a garden, but mainly so I can have a fish pond, lots of bird feeders and somewhere to sit outside. Any plants will be of the 'look after themselves and don't need weeding or pruning' variety.

I shall be spending the rest of my lottery win to fund research into some plant that can act as a lawn but doesn't need mown. Moss perhaps? A red one like Barsoomian moss??? :-)
24th Sep, 2015 14:32 (UTC)
Yes, they are hard work, which is why I pay someone else to do the basic work in mine. But if you won't pay nor do it yourself you end up living in a concrete desert. And that is terribly bad for the planet, so this is a think global, act local thing for me. Not that that gets me anywhere :-(
24th Sep, 2015 15:59 (UTC)
I can't help thinking that (gardens notwithstanding) the planet is doomed, what with our local bus shelter just having its non-electricity consuming paper posters replaced with need-to-be-powered LCD screens.

It seems that shiny things and the need to be bombarded with adverts 24-7 trumps saving electricity. Every. Single. Time.
24th Sep, 2015 16:06 (UTC)
It might be the case that powered LCD screens use less electricity over their lifetime than all the processes involved in keeping paper posters up to date.

But I agree with you about adverts and shiny things.

And the planet will be just fine with or without us. But personally I'd just prefer it to be with us, and us living healthy, enjoyable lives on it.
25th Sep, 2015 09:47 (UTC)
I'm surprised you have a gardener. I guess I think of all physical labour, even if a bit dull, is good for you, and bending and stretching outside your back door is better than travelling to a pilates class.
25th Sep, 2015 09:55 (UTC)
He keeps the grass mowed and the hedge trimmed and the patio weeded, and as much more as I ask. I do some of my own pruning and weeding, and most of the planting. If I had to make time to mow the grass every two weeks that would be all I would do, and concrete would tempt me.
25th Sep, 2015 10:08 (UTC)
So you'd be tempted by concrete, even though currently you don't have a central London job? And you like gardens. I think you are answering your own question, as those tasks are what gardening is to many people, and it becomes a matter of economics, one-off concrete or ongoing labour costs for an asset they only value for BBQs and parking
25th Sep, 2015 14:33 (UTC)
I didn't ask a question. I do know what gardening is for most people, and that's why I think a garden is a privilege and a responsibility. If you only value your garden for BBQ and parking I don't think you should own a garden: you should have bought a flat or a house with a small yard and/or a garage. I don't think any British household should be allowed to concrete over any area larger than they need to park a car. I think that people who take on an actual garden have stewardship over a piece of the planet, should not be allowed to concrete it, and should either pay or labour to keep it green.

But as things stand this is neither practical nor convenient. So we carry on pouring concrete.
25th Sep, 2015 10:00 (UTC)
Bending and stretching outside your back door is good, and I do some of that. But it's what I think of as the bottom level of the activity tree that you shape other things round, and of course you have to be at home to do it. Pilates gets me itself in rain or shine, plus a mile's brisk walking, plus some or all of shopping, library and coffee with friend on the way home from class.
24th Sep, 2015 12:16 (UTC)
Oh forgot to say... I only found out that Orphan Black was on because a few folk like your good self have mentioned it. Stripped and streamed at 1 in the morning? What were they thinking?!
24th Sep, 2015 14:33 (UTC)
Likewise. I got it from several people on FB & LJ complaining bitterly about the BBC.
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