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Things on my mind today

If someone working for a potential employer views your LinkedIn profile is this a good or a bad thing? And what I need to be prepared for if the conversation gets any further.

Whether my ninety-something neighbour should actually be living on his own any more.

How long it will be before a major organisation operating in an area with substantial Jewish and Islamic populations gets the point about not scheduling public meetings on Yom Kippur (and to think twice about evenings during Ramadan).

Whether we are about to decide that kids being idiots stops them from doing anything at all in public for the rest of their lives.

Why am I still playing Candy Crush?


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21st Sep, 2015 12:34 (UTC)
All I can say is that when I'm considering job candidates, I only look up the ones I'm thinking of short-listing.
21st Sep, 2015 12:57 (UTC)
That's encouraging! Thanks.
21st Sep, 2015 14:12 (UTC)
agree! (non signed in Emmzzi)
21st Sep, 2015 14:24 (UTC)
Seconded! It is definitely an encouraging sign! I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
21st Sep, 2015 14:15 (UTC)
I know nothing about LinkedIn. I think I have an account, but I don't remember ever creating it. The whole thing is a mystery to me.

Re the ninety-something neighbour, do they have family keeping an eye on them? The problem is, many old people refuse to accept help even when it's offered and don't see the potential hazards that you or I might spot, eg falling and lying undiscovered for days. Anyway, sympathies if it's starting to cause you worry. My Dad did eventually see sense a couple of years ago and accepted that the time had come to move into residential care, but many won't.

Edited to correct stupid grammar mistake.

Edited at 2015-09-21 14:16 (UTC)
21st Sep, 2015 17:07 (UTC)
Had a conversation with agent this morning - he had no idea whether it was positive, negative or neutral. But at least it means someone looked at my CV.

Neighbour's daughter from the other side of London spends Fridays with him most weeks, and lots of slightly haphazard neighbourly support. He seems okay, much of the time, but has had at least three recent falls, and there are multiple medications and falling asleep mid-conversation, and a roof that needs repair... I spent the afternoon at a tea party with him and other neighbours, and I never get less worried.
21st Sep, 2015 15:13 (UTC)
The ethical issue with the elderly is that, however wrong their concept of their life may be, it's still their right to chose. I'm guessing your neighbour wants to remain in his house. Hopefully he has the right level of support to ensure he's got quality of life.

Why am I having to do a jigsaw puzzle to post this?!
21st Sep, 2015 17:09 (UTC)
Presumably the jigsaw is LJ standard.

See my comment to heleninwales, above. I'm hoping he will get the right structured support in time, because at the moment it's all a bit haphazard. And I've been there and I know there is no right answer at this age and stage, only least wrong.
21st Sep, 2015 17:54 (UTC)
People checking LinkedIn is almost always a good thing, unless you have something embarrassing in your profile.
22nd Sep, 2015 14:47 (UTC)
21st Sep, 2015 17:55 (UTC)

You just connected with me so you're doomed.

It depends on the support your neighbour is receiving from relatives/the state. My mother-in-law ain't much younger but her quality of life is infinitely superior to any alternative thanks to our (well, mainly C's) efforts.

Koom Valley.

Unlike us you mean?

When Bejeweled 2/3/4 is also available...
22nd Sep, 2015 14:49 (UTC)

Gap between what we can do for neighbour and what he needs is getting wider by the day!
22nd Sep, 2015 21:53 (UTC)
It's a good sign but not a definitive one if a potential employer looks at your LinkedIn profile. It's a better sign if two or more employees of the company look, too.
24th Sep, 2015 12:46 (UTC)
Good luck with the job! (I have no idea what works, given I'm still apparently not fulltime employable.)

And the Yom Kippur thing happened so much here. We're a Johnny-come-lately religion and people haven't had to deal with us before. (I"m so full of snark about it!)
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