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Catching a thought

I quite often mention the Archdruid of America, because he says very interesting things in a very interesting way. I caught up with his latest post (5th August), on internal US politics, this morning. This is not a post I am particularly pointing to as interesting for the reasons I write things, but there's a comment in response to a comment that summarises the reasons why I think he is sometimes wrong:

"Dave, the fascinating thing to me is that nobody in the banking industry has stopped to think about what happens when their parasitic behavior kills its host."

This goes against my direct experience and ignores all the ways in which human systems are challenged and changed from within.

It is quite possible no one on the inside of the system will acknowledge the issue to people outside the system in the terms used outside the system. Possibly because experience has tought them that this will do them no good, but mostly because they don't speak the same language and it is impossible to have the conversation.

Ok. This was me catching a thought for the day, not writing a considered post. So now I've caught my thought (English is tough stuff), I'm going to leave it public to see if it catches any thoughts from other people.


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8th Aug, 2015 12:46 (UTC)
For the reason you give, I tend to discount the literal meaning of "nobody has stopped to think" when I see the phrase used. I try to empathise with the phrase-user's feeling of gadarene momentum instead. We've all seen situations where tons of people had stopped to think, a lot, but we all went off the cliff edge anyway.

I bet if real actual host-killing parasites--the biological variety, I mean--could think, they'd think a lot about it, all the while killing their host.
9th Aug, 2015 15:55 (UTC)
Indeed the host-killing parasites would be thinking "By killing this host, I enable the next stage of my life cycle to happen - yippee!". Sometimes it'll be "Double yippee! Now I get to have sex!" :-)

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