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Hugo Voting

Well. I have read at least some of the thousands of posts about puppies and Hugos, and considered all the fuss and fury and what it means for me. I eventually decided that I am the same person that I have been for some years now, and the Hugos mean to me what they have meant for those same years. That means that I read or do not read the nominated works for reasons that seem good to me, and not otherwise, and vote or not accordingly. This year that means that I have read almost nothing that is on the ballot, and have few or no direct opinions about any of it.

So I have voted in the same way I always do when I have nominating/voting rights (I do not join every Worldcon). That is to say, I have ranked the work/people I have read/know and care about and would be happy to see win a Hugo, and not ranked what I do not know or think is not Hugo-worthy. This means that this year I have voted in four categories (novel, fanzine, fan artist, semi-prozine), and in those categories my vote is in essence a vote against everything I have not ranked. In the categories where I have not voted I have not registered an opinion. I have not voted No Award in any category.

I refuse to rank work I have not read or vote to support an ideological position on either side of the Puppies argument. Since voting only for what I know is what I have always done, and I believe what a lot of people who vote have always done, I believe I am supporting the tradition of Hugo nominating and voting. The alternative would have been to do all the work and reading in order to justify either No Award or ranking a greater proportion of the works nominated. Despite good intentions I have failed to do that. So my traditional voting method will have to do.

Quite a number of my friends have put in a lot more work and thought and have been able to make considered judgements in each category. I'm sorry that I haven't felt motivated to do that. But although sf and fandom are large parts of my life, the Hugo awards are relatively minor elements of that sf and that fandom.

The ballots will fall as they will.

I'm sure that sf, fandom and the Hugos will survive.

Edit 31/7: Just realised that on the same basis I could reasonably vote in Best Dramatic Presentation Shortform and went and did so.


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30th Jul, 2015 15:20 (UTC)
Well said! I have to admit that I have never nominated or voted in the Hugos because I don't buy supporting membership for cons and on the couple of occasions when I have bought a full membership and attended the Worldcon, I have never actually read enough of the eligible works to nominate and/or vote.
30th Jul, 2015 17:09 (UTC)
True of most of us, I think.
31st Jul, 2015 06:44 (UTC)
Actually, business as usual is the best response of all. It shouldn't be about the politics: it should be about the works.
31st Jul, 2015 08:45 (UTC)
I think so.

Also, all human systems need mechanisms for supporting marginal engagement. The Hugos have one and I use it in that way.
31st Jul, 2015 09:29 (UTC)
Yeah, I voted about how I always vote. (Being an ex-Hugo administrator I feel I ought to vote each year.) I read four of the five nominated novels but didn't have time for the fifth. I had seen all five of the BDP Short form, so those are the only two categories I voted on.
Ashley Pollard
1st Aug, 2015 15:58 (UTC)
Haven't voted, not a member, generally only vote when I'm going to a Worldcon, which is not very often. Like you, if I haven't read it or seen it I have no opinion. Don't get the whole No Award thing, or I get it but don't agree.
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