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Planting my garden

Last week I bought 5 plants at the Open Garden (Crocosmia for £3.50 and the others for 50p each).

I will be planting:
- Crocosmia
- Digitalis
- Hellebore
in the Western bed, which is shaded by a wall to the West but gets morning and high summer midday sun.

I will not be planting:
- Shuttlecock ferm
- Vinca
both of which have potential to become invasive. Although I will put the fern, which is very pretty, in a pot. Not sure what to do with the Vinca.


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26th Jul, 2015 09:19 (UTC)
Crocosmia is pretty (though I've been told it can be a thug). I planted mine last year and the flowers look great.

Hellebores are pretty and useful for early spring, but watch out for seedlings - though the seedlings have pretty leaves, so may be worth leaving for a year before pulling them out.

I've got a shuttlecock fern and vinca and neither have tried to take over the world. Vinca is useful in awkward corners. It spreads, but is easy to remove if it goes too far, and tolerates dry shade well.

The fern gets big, but not too massive unless your spot is really small.
26th Jul, 2015 18:25 (UTC)
The little orange wild crocosmia spread quickly, but are easy enough to root up if you need to reduce the numbers. I have some gorgeous Lucifer in the back garden and they come up reliably year after year, and are a fantastic colour. They are the backbone of the south-facing flower bed in late summer.
28th Jul, 2015 11:37 (UTC)
Ah, montbretia. I have that as well. A bit thuggish, but worth the space. I find it flowers best if you uproot it every now and then as when the clumps get too dense it flowers less.
26th Jul, 2015 10:46 (UTC)
Vinca spreads mainly by routing from branches that touch the soil. So keep it well pruned and it won't be a problem. Jolly useful under trees and in otherwise inhospitable places, and pretty. We had some at Thornton Heath.
26th Jul, 2015 12:36 (UTC)
That's odd I was going to say exactly the same. I have Vinca under a thick hedge with little sun and it has nice blue flowers in spring. It is easy to pull out any rooted shoots.

I have much more trouble with Hellebore that freely spreads by seeds and takes over my front garden. They are tough but I ruthlessly pull them out regularly.
26th Jul, 2015 16:40 (UTC)
We have 2 Crocisma, one on the north wall of the house, the other round the back of the shed, so rather shady Normally neither flower, but they are this year, so they must like the dry conditions.

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