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Comment re Labour Party politics

I am currently inundated with emails and telephone calls from Labour Party Candidates wanting to be Mayor of London, London Assembly Members, and Leaders and Deputy Leaders of the Party.

I think it worthy of note that Katherine Chibah, would-be London Assembly member, offered me the opportunity to fill in a short on-line questionnaire. It was a sensible questionnaire, and one I felt happy to fill in. And so she is the first person who has given me an real opportunity to engage with any of these candidates and their campaigns. Now let's see if she follows up with feedback from the exercise to me. Which would be good if she did.

Volunteers for David Lammy and Siddiq Khan's campaigns for London Mayor have phoned me and I have had interesting conversations. Which was good. But neither I nor they have any way of building directly on those conversations. Which is not.

Most of the rest have sent me emails and/or asked me to watch videos, which I sometimes read/watch. They also ask me to show my support in various ways. Which I don't because I don't have enough time to keep track of them all and compare them, and I'm not getting any help doing that from the Labour Party.

This is a personal opinion about methods of communication. It is not an invitation to political debate.

Edit: Corrected Lamy to Lammy.


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4th Jul, 2015 22:59 (UTC)
That's interesting. Labour ( pres Scottish Lab tho it is not totally clear) keep sending me chatty emails, addressing me by first name and asking me why I haven't rejoined Labour yet/ voted in Lab leadership election etc. As I have never been a member of any political party I am finding these increasingly enraging. They have the tone all wrong, if it was " here we are with the SNP but Tories still in power" they would at least get me to listen. But instead there is this ghastly familiar condescension like, you know you're Labour realyl, cmon, and as I say based for me on no evidence I can think of.
7th Jul, 2015 09:50 (UTC)
Yes. Though of course they have to pick a tone that they think will work for most people given that they don't know anything about who they are writing to. I had a chat with a local councillor yesterday about communication (see also my reply to Anne below) and he commented that a lot of "politicians" he meets seem to have no idea how to actually _do_ politics.
7th Jul, 2015 07:36 (UTC)
On a completely side issue, I find it annoying that I work in London but have no say over the election of the Mayor, whose policies affect a significant part of my life.
7th Jul, 2015 09:47 (UTC)
Actually, I think that is a very valid point and one you should make to your MP. I will make it for you any time I get to engage with candidates for Mayor or London Assembly.

Speaking of which, Lammy did a speech on the town hall steps yesterday, and took questions. I also got to meet him, very briefly. He struck me as honestly motivated and as having sound Labour policies. He did not cover environmental policy in his talk, and only made the relevant points public in answer to my question. He clearly has no money, and speeches in the public realm make a virtue of necessity. So he gets a passing mark for now, and we'll see what happens.
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