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Gardener's Diary

Hmm. Went out into the cool morning this morning and planted out the pots from the kitchen windowsill, but given that I actually have names for the plants I should have looked everything up first instead of after planting. The tomatoes should be alright, but I may have put the courgettes out too early or too abruptly, and may not have left them or the bean enough room. On the other hand, this is the year I finally have time to learn about this stuff as I do it instead of just having to roll with my mistakes, so we'll see.

- Tumbling Tom - on the patio (actually this one is in a pot and was put there two weeks ago, but for the record)
- Gardener's Delight x 2 - by the bungalow fence
- Golden Sunrise - by the bungalow fence

Climbing French Bean Kew Blue - by the bungalow fence
Looks like I got a good one here, but I will have to make sure it gets a longer pole or two before it gets much bigger. And I hope I have given it enough space.

Courgettes in the vegetable bed (the one that has the three words late.ripe.empty):
Zubuda - oops - this is a bush that should have waited for 20C (May forecast range is 13-21C and mostly around 16-17C) and should have had a metre clear round it where I have left about half that.
Nero di Milano - also probably early, but about the right spacing
In theory they will pollinate each other.

The courgettes and french bean came from Organiclea, the tomatoes from various local sources.

(And one of the reasons I am so pissed off with lack of wifi in my study is because the phone doesn't sync with the PC so posting photos with journal entries here is a pain. Photos on Facebook are easy but it doesn't work as a journal. Note to self: investigate posting direct to LJ from phone.)


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9th May, 2015 16:39 (UTC)
I have half my tomatoes outside way too early and the other half still on the windowsill.
I think I have to accept that I will have no carrots.
My strawberry plants have several flowers each.
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