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Took a day's holiday yesterday. As you might do too after 9 long days of paying full attention while managing a cold.

Can't listen to Sunday's Radio 3 'Memoirs of the Spacewomen':
- on my phone, which won't do catch-up radio at all (first significant Blackberry Z10 fail)
- on my tablet, where the iPlayer Radio does work, because I could't find the charger until too late
- on the Virgin tv because the Tivo box does not support iPlayer Radio.

I found the Playbook charger and can listen later today, but I wanted it yesterday.

Then we watched Interstellar. Load of bloody fairy tale tosh. Like so many so-called-sf movies. I wouldn't mind, but it was billed as sf and sf was what I wanted. Grrr.


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9th Apr, 2015 12:40 (UTC)
Definite grr.
9th Apr, 2015 18:10 (UTC)
I'm glad someone else doesn't like Interstellar. Everyone else I know raves about it, but I thought it was over-long, had rubbish science which we're supposed to forgive because the black hole animation was (allegedly) very accurate. And I loathed the plot being solved by the power of Lurve.
10th Apr, 2015 08:55 (UTC)
It wasn't so much that I didn't like it. I didn't much, though it had its moments - e.g. the section on the first planet beyond the wormhole with the great waves. And the team actually discussing options instead of Captain Mighty Gives Commands.

But it is a fairy tale decorated with space suits instead of armour and the black hole instead of dragons, harking back to old "sf" movies for its references and visuals (2001, Silent Running). Film sf has always been prone to it, but this one was more fairy tale and less sf than any of the ones I can think of offhand.

And: The two women acting with agency in the film are only entitled as the daughters of the powerful men. The third is the sick wife/sister-in-law. Were there any other women in the world at all - I don't remember any? And of course the woman believes in love and persuades Our Hero! Colour me disgusted.
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