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Vernor Vinge had it right so far. Windows 8.1 still provides easy access to the command line. One boggles.

Open folder with Windows Explorer then File / Open Command Prompt

Thanks http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/5-ways-to-print-folder-and-directory-contents-in-windows/

This is one command line that’s easy to remember and easy to do.

  1. Start the command prompt. Type cd and the directory path of the folder you want to list.

  2. Type dir > print.txt

  3. Press Enter and exit from the DOS window.

  4. Open the folder you wanted the listed file content for and you should see a print.txt file. This is a simple Notepad file that can be copied or printed easily.


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25th Feb, 2015 18:34 (UTC)
The command line is still the way to do certain esoteric things in Windows, and the preferred interface for the partially sighted.

Back in 2005, Microsoft took away the large fonts for the command line in a beta of Vista. I put in a bug report pointing out that this made life much harder for me, and just putting them back would be a whole lot cheaper than fighting an Americans with Disabilities Act suit. There was no response to the bug, but back came the fonts.
25th Feb, 2015 18:46 (UTC)
Easier one:

Open PowerShell (the official Windows command line prompt since Vista).
type cd and the directory path of the folder you want to list. (Unlike with the command prompt, this works with folders on other drives.)
type dir | clip and then press enter.
The directory listing is now on the clipboard. Paste it wherever you like.
28th Feb, 2015 12:50 (UTC)
To quote Neal Stephenson - In the beginning was the command line.

It will always be with us as long as computer operating systems function the way they do now. Microsoft was never been comfortable with that, and it shows. I'm happy to say that Unix based OSes like MacOS and the various Linux distros are much happier to work with the command line, which is why I prefer them.
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