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A week's holiday

This is the last day of my seven day holiday.

On Friday I organised the week, did the laundry, and made lunch for friends before waving them off with daughter to the Far Isles for the weekend. In the evening I joined Brian for a drink and dinner in the new Turkish restaurant at the end of our road.

On Saturday Brian and I took Porcupine Books to Picocon, and saw Cory Doctorow and Frances Hardinge, and I had a very nice pub lunch with owlfish and makyo. We went home when we’d cleared the bookstall because it had been a long day, but Brian cooked fillet steak and we had a pleasant, quiet evening with a good bottle of wine and the last episode of season 2 of Breaking Bad.

On Sunday we picked up Brian’s parents from home and took them to Chingford for a 91st birthday celebration lunch at Ibleo, a friendly Italian restaurant there that we all like. Brian’s sister brought daughter back to us from the wilds of Norfolk, and a good time was had by all. After lunch we took his parents back to their home, brought daughter back to our home, and watched Game of Thrones (Series 3, episode 5).

On Monday I abandoned Brian and daughter to their own devices and caught the train to Bristol for two days with friends in a large, peculiar, and very comfortable house rented through Airbnb. (Four double, two single and two sofa beds. References on request.) On Monday nine of us toured SS Great Britain, wandered across a foggy bridge, and ate excellent tapas at Bell’s diner (http://www.bellsdiner.com/about_us.php). We ended the evening back at our house with wine, an iPad playing our chosen songs, and an open fire. I eventually went to bed at 2am.

On Tuesday we started the day with a shared breakfast of bacon-and-tomato rolls, then spent the middle of the day in Clifton’s vintage and charity shops. After cream tea at the Bridge Café we waved two of our number away back to London while the rest of us walked up to watch the sunset over Clifton suspension bridge. Later we walked past a Banksy mural and much other street art to the ZeroDegrees microbrewery, who offered us samples of their excellent beer, and were probably disappointed to sell us one single pint alongside cocktails, wine and a single sharing plate of superb antipasti. Highly recommended! Walking back we stopped for cheaper chips to take back to the house, but turned in once they were eaten.

On Wednesday we caught the train home. My friends were on an earlier train to London, but a mix up on the tube meant that I caught them at Paddington and came home to Ilford in company. After a snack lunch I went to bed for the afternoon, getting up to welcome daughter's friend to a sleepover. In the evening we watched East Enders with daughter and friend, and then waved them off upstairs while we watched the first episode of series 3 of Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad is much better television.

And today, Thursday, we woke to sunshine, and I went to my Commonwealth Gardeners meeting for congenial coffee, cakes and conversation about gardens and other local matters. And came home in the cold sleet to an afternoon of tedious computer work in lieu of the pruning I had planned. Which I will now finish here and go downstairs to another evening of tv (including the East Enders finale).

Tomorrow is a normal day: Pilates, work, housework, job hunting and all the other things that fill my usual days. But this week has been fun.


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19th Feb, 2015 18:48 (UTC)
That all sounds very pleasant.
21st Feb, 2015 11:32 (UTC)
That sounds like a lovely week. No-one has anything but good to say about Picocon, which is a nice sign.

I now crave chips and tapas, but it's 10.30 pm and I will not give in!
24th Feb, 2015 10:20 (UTC)
Good to have a restaurant recommendation for Chingford. Thank you!

And it was very good to see you last week.
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