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4th May, 2004

It just hailed here, hard and loud for several minutes, with thunder. Spectacular!

Robin McKinley's Sunshine: well up to her usual standard though out of her usual territory - this one is vampires in a post-holocaust US and as such not entirely to my usual taste. But some really good bits, such as the lovely list of things to do when you plan to be dead tomorrow: spread eight dozen roses round your apartment, reread your favourite novel, and try to see everybody you love without actually saying goodbye.

Steph Swainston's The Year of Our War. I started reading and was enjoying it. Then Steph was at the BSFA and hearing her talking about it made me really want to finish it. Plokta.con has intervened, so haven't finished it yet, but already inclined to recommend it, particularly if you liked early Delany, Mieville, or Courtney Grimwood. And the hardback is only £10 - does Gollancz have a new pricing policy I wonder?

No time to write a Plokta.con review, but it was fun. No more conventions until Novacon - poot! Where have Unicons gone...


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4th May, 2004 08:06 (UTC)
No no no - you mean pook, which is nasty, not poot, which is nice!
4th May, 2004 08:51 (UTC)
Where have Unicons gone...

waiting for 3rd row fandom to get their act in gear and wanting to run small conventions!

No more conventions until Novacon
Well I'm going to three before Novacon (at least) and not going to Convivial (in Scotland) in a few weeks time.

I'm going to the Worldcon in Boston in September, the Irish convention in October and the German filkcon in October (but then I am guest of honour! Well, at least my band is guest of honour!)

So, aside from media cons etc. I'm not really aware of any other conventions in England before Novacon ...

... of course the summer is really better for Cambridge Folk Festival, Sidmouth Festival, Cropredy (maybe the last one ever?) etc. ... and for people to hold parties and barbecues! As I recall your house really isn't suited for outdoor barbecue type parties (mine has more garden but far less indoor space, and only one loo!)
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