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9th Sep, 2007

From a park bench while children do infeasibly athletic things with climbing frames and skates. It is a very nice day! I do prefer autumn to summer - all the nice bits without the heat and glare.

I do wonder how this autumn will work though. Eurocon, followed by half term, then Novacon, then party (Saturday 1 December, for readers' diaries), then Xmas. And all to be managed with 8 days holiday plus weekends where last year I had 4 days a week to play with plus holiday. Roll on the Trafalgar Day bank holiday!

Also last year schools allowed childen up to 10 days approved absence each year, and the spring holiday used to be tied to Easter. Now there is no authorised absence - we will be fined for taking M out of school to go to Copenhagen - and Easter next year is in term time to boot. Makes termtime conventions very difficult.

Oh well. Que sera sera!

But new job very happy making so far, so all the rest is worth it. (Keep fingers crossed for staying that way!)


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9th Sep, 2007 16:14 (UTC)
The easter thing is a nightmare for anyone with kids or working in education - next year I'm OK because the Eastercon is close to home and I won't have to travel Thurs and Tues, but it looks like several times in the next few years it will be during term time and far from home, and I will have trouble getting leave since I'm not supposed to take time off in term time.

Here are the dates for the next ten years, if of interest:

23 March 2008
12 April 2009
4 April 2010
24 April 2011
8 April 2012
31 March 2013
20 April 2014
5 April 2015
27 March 2016
16 April 2017
9th Sep, 2007 16:15 (UTC)
Sorry, that's the date for the Sunday.
9th Sep, 2007 19:21 (UTC)
Fined!?!? bloody hell! Isn't there a tame SF doctor at the con who can write M a sick note? And it's all ahead of me too as DD started school for the first time this month and the shackles of school holiday constraints closed round us. *mutters*
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