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Can anyone reading this help me to start with data identifying an image stored in a row in an Access database, and end with an actual image displayed in a row on a webpage? The idea is to be able to export the data and have any associated images appear automatically. Can I actually achieve this straightforwardly or is it something requiring greater skill than I currently possess.

In each row of the table I have book data, e.g. Author, Title, Price, and a column for the image id. The type of the latter as yet undetermined but I have experimented with both embedded OLE objects and with links.

So far:
(1) If I store the picture as an OLE object in the database table, and export data to create an HTML page, I get a hole (empty cell) on the web page - Access Help says to expect this but I have found no additional information on how to get the image displayed.
(2) If I store the filename and export data to create an HTML page, the filename does not operate as a link to the picture - i.e. is not tagged as an image source.
(3) I can hand-edit my generated HTML source, but this is far too time-consuming to do every time for a regularly updated page. So far have not been able to get Access to generate equivalent HTML for me.
(4) Access 2000 has some fairly sophisticated Data Access Page facilities that would obviously help, and I found an MS Access How To Article that would seem to fit the bill. Unfortunately trying to follow the instructions in the article has proven more difficult than I can handle with just a few hours to spare.

So I'm a bit stuck. Pointers gratefully received. I can upgrade my main table to Access 2000 if that would help.


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21st Jun, 2007 19:04 (UTC)
Make the report file output from Access a plain text file, and define the report as containing the necessary tags? Export the piccies separately...

[I used to generate my online booklists like this from DataPerfect; as a DOS program, it didn't know or care about HTML and would cheerfully write any character sequence I asked for without worrying.]

[These days I'd do it in PHP and MySQL, of course...]
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