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Phones, Puzzles, Ice Skating

Phones: Advice and opinions on portable PDA/phone combinations please: Blackberry Pearl, Vario, Nokia, Treo or something else?

Puzzle: What am I good for and where can I go for it?

Ice Skating: bohemiancoast and I are taking children ice skating at the Tower of London on Thursday 21st December - we're thinking of hiring an 'ice coach' if one is available. Anyone like to join us on the way to the Xmas 'Ton? The coaches can cope with up to 15 and we are only 7 so far...

The azalea is in bud again for the third year....


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11th Dec, 2006 01:23 (UTC)
It depends on what you want it to do I guess ...

... personally I have a SonyEricsson P910i and am about to get a SonyEricsson P990i, but there are definitely other options.

Depending on whether there are any particular applications you want to run (if not, then there are plenty of options!) might be an important point.

1) can it take a memory card?
2) do you want it to be able to use wi-fi?
3) do you want to "write" on the screen (like a palm?)
4) do you want a decent camera built in?
5) do you want FM radio built in? (I use mine for the commute to/from work and now wouldn't want a phone that didn't have a radio!)
6) they all play MP3s, some play other digital music formats, do you care?
7) just about all of them (with cameras) take video clips and can play video files, do you care?
8) some of them have the extra low-res camera facing you for video calling, do you care/would you ever use it?
9) do you have a favourite network provider? See what they support/recommend
10) do you want to play games on it?
11) does size matter?
12) does having some sort of flip to open matter?
13) do you want a qwerty-type keyboard with "real" buttons?
14) how long do the batteries last?
15) will it synchronise with your home software (e.g. outlook calendar, notes calendar or something else)?

sbisson or marypcb might have some useful insight ...
11th Dec, 2006 19:57 (UTC)
I just wrote a long guide on this
http://tomshardware.co.uk/2006/12/05/looking-for-a-smartphone-uk/ covers the type with a numeric keypad - including the Pearl because it's small and doesn't have a full QWERTY keyboard (they keys have 2 letters on). Part two covering PDA-style devices will be up on the same site in a day or two... if you can't wait, mail me and I'll let you have a preview
11th Dec, 2006 02:36 (UTC)
I'm not a PDA user myself. Currently my smart friends who do use them like the features of Blackberry Pearl but are fed up with Java crashing, and with not having a Yahoo! mail client (a big deal if you work there). What I've heard about Windows Mobile (formerly known as WinCE) is it very much makes you feel like it's a computer first and a phone second. Also, it's bloated and it crashes. Just like Windows, I guess. Palm OS phones are efficient and stable. The standard e-mail client is not that good, one user recommends Chatter. He says the Treo is a lousy camera and a lousy music player, but it's a good phone and a good PDA.

Make sure you are comfortable with the form factor. PDA phones tend to be bigger and clunkier, if only to have a bigger screen or space for a keyboard. This is less of an issue if you don't mind looking like a Star Trek character and use a Bluetooth wireless headset.
12th Dec, 2006 00:15 (UTC)
I used to have Win Mob on my old and beloved Orange SPV and found it fine - much much better than the crap Web browser and mail client on my Nokia N80..

I have however found both the SPV and the N80 do most the things I want a smartphone to do while being small and light and not requiring headphones (which I hate) and recomend both over a full size PDA unless you really want to type full text on the move regularly. I do wish I'd got a phone that was also an MP3 player tho (OK the N80 wil do that but the memory isn't made for it.) Andy's N90 picks up wi fi too which is kinda cool.
11th Dec, 2006 18:31 (UTC)
I'd like to come skating, depending on what time it is!
12th Dec, 2006 00:10 (UTC)
Wa. Want to go ice skating. Somerset House rink is open til 28th jan - fancy another go post Xmas? (Good for burning off Xmas calories!!)
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