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Holbein Exhibit at the Tate

Meriol and I are hoping to get to the Tate tomorrow Saturday 7/10/06 - either just before or just after lunch somewhere nice nearby - anyone reading this care to join us? Bugshaw? lproven may or may not make it...


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6th Oct, 2006 19:15 (UTC)
Please, please, please blog your impressions! I would love to see it and will not get the chance. Let me know what it was like?
9th Oct, 2006 08:15 (UTC)
purpletigron has reminded me that I have delurked rather abruptly without introducing myself first. Hi! I think we met in the flesh at the 2001 (?) Foundations conference in Liverpool. I teach in University College Cork in Ireland but have rather vanished off the SF radar lately due to motherhood and the consequent erosion of time for research and the like. However, back in the day I used to be a medieval/Renaissance specialist with an emphasis on costume imagery - hence the obsession with Holbein bless him.
9th Oct, 2006 19:42 (UTC)
Holbein Exhibit at the Tate
Thanks to you and purpletigron for this. Hi! Nice to (re)meet you. Didn't make it to the Holbein this time - you will no doubt sympathise with a parent abandoning a proposed 4-hour expedition in the face of 6-year old refusal to consider same. I hope to try again sometime when she is being less balky...
10th Oct, 2006 20:55 (UTC)
Re: Holbein Exhibit at the Tate
Oh indeed! To be fair I probably would have hated Holbein when I was six. Try taking her to the 50foot slides in the Tate Modern afterwards as a bribe. i saw those on Newsnight last night and have rarely wished so sincerely for an air-ticket to London.
11th Oct, 2006 19:24 (UTC)
Re: Holbein Exhibit at the Tate
The 50 foot slides are already on the agenda, date tba. Though they'll only let her slide down the little one...
6th Oct, 2006 21:05 (UTC)
I might. It would be nicve to get to an exhibition. Do you have a mobile number? Mine is 07946 644256. depends on weather as if its nice I have to help someone pull down a shed..
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