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Volume 5 of Temeraire, in proof, picked up on first sight after reading Empire of Ivory less than a month ago.

In this book Novik shifts ground a little, and in a direction I had not expected. She casts more of the weight of the book onto Temeraire, alternating his viewpoint with that of Laurence. Temeraire grows in power and confidence. Laurence faces the consequences of his earlier actions. Both grow in stature, although life, together or apart, is not easy for either of them. At the end of the book they are once more together at the start of a voyage. Novik has reached the end of her beginning, at least for now.

You still have to suspend your disbelief in impossible dragons to read these books - this time I noticed easy conversations between humans and dragons in mid-air - but Novik's writing continues to improve and I will follow Laurence and Temeraire on their new voyage when I may.


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20th Nov, 2008 18:24 (UTC)
I thought it was gripping reading, though very bleak. Laurence is treated as a traitor, only kept from execution by Temeraire's blackmail. And the author has thought very hard about how Laurence would be treated by his colleagues, and society at large, and it isn't pleasant. And he gives way to despair, but comes through it in the end. Neither Laurence nor the dragon are the same creatures as they were at the (much more light-hearted) beginning of the saga. I'm guessing that the next book is going to be much more cheerful, and that even though temporarily exiled, Laurence and Temeraire will eventually be needed to win the war.
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