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Tanith Lee - Indigara (2007)

Roger Robinson picked this up at Eastercon and lent it to me. It is a very short science fiction fairytale for older children or young adults, and good fun to read. Tanith must have had fun writing it, with the wild excesses of the film entertainment industry providing the backdrop for a classic fairy tale. Fourteen-year-old Jet and her robodog have a brush with a wider world and an adventure in a filmic fairyland, which experience helps her to work out some family issues. Is that a new twist at the end? Probably not, but one I can't recall another example of, offhand.

I'm no longer the right age to feel this story deeply, but it is pleasantly nostalgic for me as a long-time Lee reader. It's an absolutely classic childrens' tale of growing up, mining Lee's own early tropes again, satirising herself along with Hollywood and teen fiction generally. It all brings back strong memories of my teenage self reading and feeling strongly about her early books: Electric Forest, Drinking Sapphire Wine and The Silver Metal Lover. I'm having to fight the impulse to go and reread all three right now, and if anyone else remembers those fondly from their young adult years they might like to look this up.

It's published by Firebird Books, a Penguin US reprint line for teenagers, run by Sharyn November (says its website). Thank you Sharyn.


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